What is Casper’s Fund?

Casper’s  Fund is a program of Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends, Inc. (AARF) to combat the pet overpopulation crisis plaguing Atlanta and to help reduce the number of animals  euthanized at shelters. You have two options to get your pet spayed/neutered.

Option 1) If you have a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered, and you can afford a small co-pay to help with the cost of the surgery, you can qualify for a voucher to use at one of our partner clinics. When you fill out the application, select Option 1 as your choice.

Option 2) If you cannot afford a co-pay, Casper’s Fund provides  free and subsidized spays or neuters in exchange for volunteer  hours.  You can earn a maximum of $75 per pet toward the cost of a spay or neuter. You may use the voucher at one of our partner veterinary clinics or you may use your own vet and submit the voucher for reimbursement. When you fill out the application, select Option 2 as your choice.

There is no income requirement for participating  in Casper’s Fund - we encourage  everyone with an unaltered pet to apply.

Casper’s  Fund was is named after a much loved American Eskimo  dog named Casper, who lived with his family  in DeKalb County. In 2005, Casper’s parents wanted  to make a difference in his memory, and donated money to start this exciting new program. Since the program began, Casper’s Fund has helped spay and neuter over 1500 dogs and cats in the Atlanta area.

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